The Llangunllo Village Community Hall

Llangunllo Village Hall Roof Project


Roof Project Well Under Way (November 2017)


After a busy period of fund raising and grant applications Llangunllo Hall Management Committee were finally in a position to commission work on the new roof. Passers-by cannot fail to notice the Hall is now clad in scaffolding and the entrance barricaded in the usual building site fashion, a sure sign that something is going on.

What they will not see is that new slates are already in place on the roof at the back and that the inside is also scaffolded out, ready for the insulation work and other tasks.

As well as the main roof work there will also be alterations to the conservatory with, a slightly altered roof line for improved drainage. The new roof panels are stronger and better insulated than the old ones.

A great debt of gratitude is owed to our indefatigable team of fund raisers and all those who have supported them as well as the many donors, sponsors and grant providers without whom none of this would have been possible.

It is hoped that work will be finished in December and the Hall will soon be available again, better than ever before to continue serving the community that have so loyally supported it over the years.

It may well be that there will be some kind of celebration so - watch this space!

Grants towards the cost of the works have been received from: Powys County Council, Church in Wales, Tuffins, Garfield Weston, Big Lottery Awards, All Churches Trust Eccleslastical, Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust, The Princes Countryside Fund, British Gypsum and Cenbrit Ltd.

The construction on the roof of Llangullo Village Hall

A photo of the new roof for Langullo Village Hall. Click on the image for a larger version.

Written by Pam Livingstone-Lawn