Clubs and Groups and Activities in Llangunllo

Clubs & Groups.


Clubs & Groups

There are a wide variety of clubs and groups in the Llangunllo Community. Click on any of the links below to find out more about any particular club or group.

Llangunllo Evergreens
A club for the senior citizens of the Llangunnlo Community which offers a wide variety of events and activities.

Llangunllo Keep Fit
A twice weekly meet-up of people for aerobics, pilates, body-toning and salsa exercises.

Friends of St Cynllo's Church
The Friends of St Cynllo's Church provide support and assistance to the St Cynllo's Church Llangunllo.

Llangunllo Table Tennis Group
A once a week Table Tennis session at the Village Hall - all are welcome.

Llangunllo Womens Institute
The branch of the national Womens Institute (WI) in Llangunllo which offers a varied and enjoyable programme.